Rise Above Colorado and Las Animas Students Paint Opiod Awareness Mural at BCPH

Description: Rise Above Colorado Artist Jonathan Judge Led the Bent Teen Council in Painting an Opiod Awareness Mural on the Bent County Public Healthcare Building in Las Animas, Colorado.

Rise Above Colorado and Las Animas Students Paint Opiod Awareness Mural at BCPH

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The purpose of the mural is to spread awareness and to provide affirmative public education. The mural has been a joint effort between Bent County Public Health and CSU Extension SABG Block Grant. Bent County Public Health was the recipient of a grant from the Southeast Colorado Opioid Response Settlement Region 19 which made this work possible.

The message of our mural aligns with the Connect Effect campaign. "Your Friends Count on You" is a Fentanyl awareness campaign. The campaign empowers teens and adults with facts about the risks of fentanyl, an extremely powerful opioid which is often mixed into counterfeit pills and powdered drugs like cocaine and MDMA. A tiny amount of fentanyl can be deadly. Most teens and adults would try to protect their friends from this deadly threat.

Rise Above Colorado is a statewide non-profit prevention organization that has designed the mural and lead the painter's in its completion. We would like to Give a huge shout out to Jonathon Judge for his amazing work!

This work would not have been possible without the help of multiple teens from our local teen council, as well as the staff of Bent County Public Health, and CSU Extension -all of whom helped with the painting.

This mural will be a long-standing message in our community with hopes that friends counting on each other will help reduce opioid use!

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