Consulting with A Hart LLC

Developing a Community Contributor News Network To Restore and Modernize Media Local to Southeast Colorado.

The Restomod Media Mission is to develop and utilize innovative software and multimedia platforms to restore and modernize media local to Southeast Colorado.

Providing Journalism as Community Service dedicated to the People of Southeast Colorado featuring content created by the people, for the people, of The People of Southeast Colorado.


So what's this all about?

It's not about writing the great American novel bursting with timeless tales that influence generations long after you are gone. It's not about creating a new product or service and bringing it to market in a way that is profitable for your family generations to come. It's not about developing the ideal marketplace for the free exchange of ideas. This is about all three and so much more. This is about the restoration of the American Dream through the modernization of media to establish a new era of journalism when freedom of speech and freedom of press are synonymous and accessible to the entire community in Southeast Colorado.

I am counting on my SECO News Contributors to write more …

About That …

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Built Not Bought Media For Southeast Colorado is BUILT NOT BOUGHT Media Dedicated to the People of Southeast Colorado...Featuring Restored and Modernized Journalism and Marketing...An Infinite Scrolling Homepage...Content from Journalists, Broadcasters, Artists, Musicians, Museums, School Districts, and Businesses Local to Southeast Colorado, Just Like SECO News...Locally Owned and Operated...With Zero Shareholders...

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