La Junta Chamber of Commerce Announces Collaboration with The A.R.T. Project for Early Settlers' Day

Description: SECO News Publisher interviews La Junta Chamber of Commerce Directors Greg Kolomitz and Amy Grajeda at The A.R.T. Project in downtown La Junta...

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La Junta Chamber of Commerce Interview at The ART Project

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La Junta Chamber of Commerce Announces Collaboration with The A.R.T. Project for Early Settlers' Day

Interview Transcript:

This is Adrian Hart with your Southeast Colorado News on We are here with The A.R.T. Project in the heart of downtown La Junta, Colorado with our La Junta Chamber of Commerce representatives here, of course, Greg Kolomitz and Amy Grajeda. How we doing guys?

Grajeda: Doing good.

Kolomitz: Doing great.

SECO News: Yep. We're hanging out in the wind. Zeke is even painting in the wind, so props to Zeke even if he doesn't want to jump in on the interview so much. He's doing his thing. He showed up, he was actually here hours before we were putting into his labor of love, The A.R.T. Project. So last year we held The A.R.T. Project on the first weekend in October, it was a great success. We're looking at the community wall. We're gonna plan some different activities with the community wall. In fact, we're gonna move it and it's gonna become a community exhibition project, and we're gonna be doing that in combination with one of your events.

Kolomitz: Yep.

SECO News: So do you guys want to tell us what event that is?

Kolomitz: It's Early Settlers' Day! We're combining the art project with Early Settlers' Day. We're really excited about it.

Zeke: Yay!

Kolomitz: It's gonna be fun. It's gonna, we're going to, that'll extend our Early Settlers' Day footprint downtown to the park. We. A lot of activities we're gonna have our softball tournament, and Amy, I'll let Amy tell you a little bit what she's working on.

Grajeda: Sure. Our early Sellers day parade, the theme this year is gonna be parade through time. We're really encouraging the community to focus on floats that represent the 18 hundreds 1920s, 1950s, all the way up to the two thousands. So we're excited to see what the creativity of the community will be. Also we are going to try to go back in time and bring forward some of those fun events that we used to have back in the day. So we'll have more updates as we get those pieces figured out. But I think the community very excited about what we're bringing back.

SECO News: So we're bringing back previous Early Settlers Day activities.

Grajeda: Yup!

SECO News: We're gonna bridge the downtown activities with the park activities with more going on at the art project cuz Zeke's gonna expand some walls here for. Coming up. What's our date?

Kolomitz: Our date is Saturday, September the ninth. So first Saturday after Labor Day. We're really super excited to be combining these two events.

SECO News: Yep. Both sides of the fence are excited. Zeke was doing a happy dance earlier. We'll see. There it is. There's the happy dance. So we're gonna be bringing out the community in a real big way in downtown La Junta. Join us on Saturday, September the ninth.

Grajeda: That's right.

Kolomitz: Yep.

SECO News: Anything else we want to toss in there, guys?

Kolomitz: No. We'll just be updating pretty consistently with updates of events and activities until we get to September.

SECO News: Alright! And of course we'll have some more big announcements right here on SECO News with the La Junta Chamber of Commerce and The A.R.T. Project. As we get closer to that event... I'm excited to let you guys know. That the throwback event. I don't know how you guys are gonna market that, but we're gonna work on the marketing for that before they break it out, so, very good from downtown La Junta for The A.R.T. Project and the La Junta Chamber of Commerce, I'm made Adrian Hart with your Southeast Colorado News.

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