La Junta Trainyard Graffiti - Is It Art?

Description: Trainyard Graffiti - Is It Art?

La Junta is the junction because of the railroad after all. You can't deny that graffitied rail cars are a part of the scenery, certainly when looking North from Hwy 50 at the train depot and railyard.

First, let's talk about art. Good art should be both appealing and appalling, in other words it should create a combination of emotions for the viewer.

Despite the fact that utilizing the medium in itself is a crime, taggers not only sign their work, but the founding concept of the medium is the art itself should represent the artist. It seems like a pretty pure art form from many perspectives even though it is vandalism of private property. 

Contrast and dynamic color choices are still the order of the day if the artist/criminal wants their work to stand out among the many tags traveling the country by rail.

The time element is a very limiting factor of this artistic medium. This "artist' probably ran out of gumption or time before completing their work.