Daniel Romero Music at The Junction Interview

Description: SECO News Interviews Daniel Romero about being a musician in Southeast Colorado and his upcoming performance at Music at The Junction...

Daniel Romero  Music at The Junction Interview

SECO News: This is Adrian Hart with seconews.org, Consulting With A Hart LLC and musicatthejunction.com

With me is Daniel Romero, one of our performers we've got lined up for Saturday, July the third in Rocky Ford, it's going to be a great show Independence Day weekend. We're excited to hear from you Daniel and see what you bring to the stage, and out of curiosity, exactly what genre, genres, how would you describe the music that you create.

Romero: Well I would definitely say that it is different, but I'm going back in with my personal feelings to the songs that I've written. I've written about 40 songs altogether Adrian.

SECO News: Wow.

Romero: And with that in mind, I have two CD's out and one is going to be sold you know there...

SECO News: ...at the event

Romero: ...at the event, of course.

SECO News: Very nice.

Romero: And Rocky Ford is where I first moved to when I came from New Mexico and that was back in '92. So Rocky Ford is my home ground.

But as far as my music, you know, love ballads as such you know easy listening, but then I also write Christian songs, and those I'm very much inspired by the Holy Spirit Of course you know because you know those reach out very personally to people as they are.

SECO News: Right. It's emotional, on a spiritual level.

Romero: Absolutely. In fact, I'm now looking at a recording studio, you have to go ahead and record, you know my Christian songs.

SECO News: Nice.

Romero: And I believe there are twelve of those.

SECO News: Okay.

Romero: Absolutely.

SECO News: So you've already got a couple albums out, and you've got at least one worth of Christian songs to do and what else can we expect from you in the future?

Romero: Well, I believe it's going to be motivation on my part to go ahead and get more involved with personal feelings with people, you know, as we all have feelings.

SECO News: Right.

Romero: And I believe you know that reflects personal feelings on one person that's success.

SECO News: Right. Yeah. If it hits those ears and it hits those hearts, in the way that music does, that's the goal.

Romero: Absolutely. And I'm really enjoying this I you know I have my own little studio in my home and I kind of go into my own little world. But, lyrics just come to me and it's just unbelievable.

SECO News: Very cool. Well, we're looking forward to your performance. And it's kind of it's a homecoming for you, isn't it?

Romero: Absolutely.

SECO News: Very good.

Romero: a song that I'll also be singing, if my guitar doesn't go detuned, is "My Home The Arkansas Valley."

SECO News: "My Home, The Arkansas Valley."

Romero: Yes it is, absolutely.

SECO News: So we're going to bring The People of Southeast Colorado together, and we're going to enjoy your performance of all of your Folk, Christian, Easy Listening, Acoustic...What other words would you use to describe it?

Romero: I think you nailed it there, Adrian.

SECO News: All right, you got to see it to believe it. All right, thank you so much, Danny, Good to see you.

Romero: You're most welcome. Thank you.