Letter to the Editor: Citizens in Support of a La Junta Dog Park

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Letter to the Editor: Citizens in Support of a La Junta Dog Park

We are just a grassroots group of people who love dogs and have been discussing a mutual dream of having an off-leash dog park in La Junta. We’ve shared our dream with other local dog owners and have been getting positive feedback.  

Just recently, in visiting with our city manager, Rick Klein, we learned that the city of La Junta has also been considering having a dog park and even has a location in mind! However, the city manager has indicated he would like to have more letters of support for the dog park. So we are requesting dog lovers who would like to see a dog park constructed in La Junta, write a letter to the city manager and explain why you would like to have a dog park in La Junta. His address is:

La Junta City Manager

P O Box 489

La Junta CO 81050

We also request that you ask that the dog park be named “Sirius Memorial Dog Park” to honor a K-9 police officer, Badge #17 that was killed in NYC on 9/11, when the South Tower collapsed on him and here is his story:

Sirius and his partner, David Lim, did bomb detection for the Port Authority at the World Trade Center (WTC). When the first plane hit the North Tower, David Lim, thought a bomb had gotten passed them. Since Sirius was not a search and rescue dog, Lim left his canine partner where he would be safe--in his kennel in the basement and told him, "I'll be back". Then, Lim went to the North Tower to evacuate people. Lim, himself, was miraculously rescued after being trapped in the rubble of the North Tower for nearly 5 hours. When Lim got out, he went to rescue Sirius, but was barred from trying; it was “just too dangerous.” Sirius was found lying under Lim’s shirt on January 25, 2002. All work stopped at ground zero and Lim was contacted that his canine partner had been found. Lim accompanied Sirius, as his flag covered body was carried out of “the Pit” on a stretcher with all the honors due a police officer.  

We, too, can honor Sirius, and all our service and working dogs; we would like to see a bronze statue of Sirius at the entrance of the Dog Park with a sign telling his story. Also, a monument could give citizens a chance to recognize their own beloved canine companions.

We recognize the development of a successful dog park requires a great deal of planning and effort. On the other hand, we are confident that La Junta’s dog park project (LJDP) would be a success and a valuable asset for our community. Thus, with dedication and combining our ideas, surely, we can gain the ultimate reward of enjoying a special place where dogs and their families can have fun and socialize. 

Thank you all for your assistance in making our dreams come true.  

  "Woof, Woof!" (Thank you)

Citizens in Support of Dog Park:

Betty Lucille Blanco

Angela Davis

Stephanie Garbo