About Us

Our Statement of Purpose is to Resto-Mod Media to make it “About Us.”


The great thing is the “About Us Button” says “Us.” I don’t have to do this alone. In fact, I don’t believe I can fulfill the SECO News Mission alone. We need it to be “About Us.” The mission of SECO News is to Resto-Mod Media to better serve its’ community. That’s a plural possessive “its’” if you didn’t catch it. The mission statement belongs to Us - as in the community living, working, and doing business in South East Colorado. As Founder and Development Leader, I am gifting the SECO News Community Contributor Advised Fund to my community, but I need your help building it first.

I already know that our community content is great, that’s why I live here. I also already know that the best information comes from the source, and you know it too. Given the current Fake News trends it’s hard to believe what you read, hear, or view unless it comes directly from the source. One of my most influential mentors told me that you can figure 50 % - that’s half – of the information you find online is false. Seventeen years later, I believe it. Maybe it’s because I listened to my grandfather when he said, “Figures never lie, but liars always figure.”

As you can see the philosophers dream is used as a marketplace to earn big payouts on false hope and the pursuit of faulty American Dreams. You know where to look online to see it. You can probably even name some uber-rich internet celebrities who didn’t get there by sharing much useful information.

What if we could start by spending 20% of our SCREENTIME on our own education? Most of Us probably already do it. The easy example might be singing along in church while you read along on screen, lots of churches do it. Or consider the time you already spend online researching what you love. It could be a hobby, sport, niche of entertainment, or even work related. If you love to spend time on your subject of choice then it should count in a big enough way that you would want to share your love with your community. By regionalizing social media and posting about what we love we can make sure ITS’ All About Us.

My favorite writers tend to write about subjects I already gravitate towards. For me to seek content not related to my passions usually means I am reading for the author. Their voice, character, and commitment to their passion shines through, because they are successful writing about what they love as most successful writers are.

It’s Not about dedicating your life to the pursuit of disseminating useful information to your community. Only spend the time you would spend if you loved the content enough to share it with your community loved ones. This is about accepting that time is valuable especially when it comes to our relationships, we have the philosopher’s dream at our fingertips any time we want it and we can use it at our leisure and convenience or even apply it to the subjects that mean the most to Us.

Our Statement of Purpose is to Resto-Mod Media to make it “About Us” in South East Colorado. I believe it is achievable in the community I was born and raised in. I have spent my professional career trying to make the most of the media for my community loved ones. Because I can pursue my American Dream in the place I love the most someday soon you can too! (Community Contributor, Advertiser and Publisher Profiles Coming Soon!)